The Apiary


Talented film directors The Apiary asked us to design and develop their new website. With a foundation in the arts, the directors have a truly unique approach to creating their films which we needed to convey in the website.



The imagery is the story.

The Apiary

Our approach was to let the design step back and allow the beautiful images to tell the story. The clean white interface is symbolic of The Apiary's calm approach to their work which contrasts with their off-beat creative talents.

We developed a site that uses horizontal scrolling so the user can discover the films like reading a book. We developed a custom video player to allow for a unique experience that made it simple to view the project details and play each film.

Keeping design integrity across platforms

We developed an adaptive site to give mobile users a seamless experience that retained the same quality as the desktop site, in a format that was compatible with their devices.

The tablet site retained the horizontal scrolling that encourages exploration, while the mobile version employs vertical scroll for a user experience that feels completely natural.