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Working with Sunlover for over 5 years, we've built a long standing relationship, helping develop their brand and launch new products.

Communicating the heating concept through warm yellow-orange tones rebelled against the industry standard blue colours, while instantly creating a feeling of heat that is the core to Sunlover products.

Since then we’ve developed strategy and execution to overcome key challenges for Sunlover as they balance B2B and B2C communications. We helped launch new products into crowded markets keeping an eye on the target audience to allow Sunlover to grow their market share.

Sunlover Heating Sunlover Heating

Bright and full of energy

The development of the Sunlover website has evolved with their expanding business, overtime using the flexibility of the online platform to full advantage.

In more recent times the website has focussed towards the retail consumer, providing education and information about the different pool heating options and products available.

The build of SEO focussed landing pages has also been a recent development. These pages have been very successful and lead to a greater investment in the platform, with the results clearly outperforming some more traditional channels.

  • Sunlover Heating
Sunlover Heating
  • Sunlover Heating
  • Sunlover Heating
Sunlover Heating

We've worked across platforms, producing a variety of communication material

We've offered an extensive range of services including brand development, website design and build, advertising and marketing collateral such as brochures, price catalogues, exhibition stands, eNewsletters and signage.

An ongoing commitment to building value into the brand has contributed to Sunlover's considerable growth from a small business on the east coast to operating Australia wide.


A long term partnership has allowed us to closely align our marketing and design solutions to Sunlover's business objectives.