Mystery Wine Cellars


Mystery Wine Cellars (MWC) is a boutique wine supplier that curates a regularly updated selection of wines sourced from premium Australian wineries. With high quality product and personal service, we developed a brand with a high-end luxury feel which separates it from other online wine merchants.



Mystery Wine Cellars


With quality and high-end experience at the front of our minds, we developed a simple language of fine lines and a black and white palette to communicate the understated sophistication of the brand.

We carried this refined look across a range of print materials, using luxury stocks and black foiling to elevate the brand above its competitors. For the website we expanded this language to include simple, sophisticated photography, with each bottle photographed with the variety of grapes the wine is derived from, along with sweeping black & white panoramas of the vineyards that produce each wine.

A range of branded wine labels were developed so MWC could offer their clients a customised labelling service. The range is comprised of six different options to fit with the style of virtually any event.

Mystery Wine Cellars
Mystery Wine Cellars wine labels