See Past The Stereotype

Knox Council


As part of a council initiative to fight violence against women, we were approached to create a social media campaign that focused on a key part of what leads to violence - gender stereotyping. Through a series of discussions with the team, it was decided to centre the campaign around highlighting everyday gender assumptions that people may not realise they have.


Jessica Leski


Social Media Creative
Video Production

Through three videos we explore situations where gender stereotypes are often encountered, in the office, with tradespeople and parenting.

Three scenarios were created, playing out simple conversations containing gender stereotypes that happen every day, with the absurdity of the assumptions being highlighted by switching the gender of the person being spoken to.

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Simple message with a sharp twist

We translated the videos to the social media space by using a diagonal cut through each scene to show the male & female characters looking their most similar. This was supported by the tagline ‘skills have no gender’ to emphasise the message of the films.

Connecting with the community

With the official launch timed with International Women’s Day, the videos were pushed out to the wider community through social media channels and promoted by the council in marketing communications.

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