James Newman
Promotional Campaign 2011


James Newman commissioned us to create a promotional piece and a new folio book to showcase his latest work to targeted advertising & design agencies.


Direct Mail

The Challenge

To create a slick promotional piece to stand out in a sea of competitors.

James Newman
James Newman Details
James Newman


We designed an A5 booklet along with an A3 poster that folded to become an envelope for the booklet. Using this format allowed us to create a sense of intrigue as the recipient unfolded the envelope, revealing a large, eye catching image inside. We designed four variations of the poster to appeal to different agencies.

James Newman

The A5 booklets have a smaller A6 cover, which adds a nice design detail while also providing a practical space for the text details. This leaves the A5 booklet free to display the imagery. Four different stock colours were used for the A6 covers, adding variety to the direct mail piece with 16 possible book & poster combinations.

The folio book was designed to sit in line with the series we have previously designed for James. We gave it a small design update to sit in line with the A3 format that we have previously designed James. The book was given a subtle design update to add a point of difference for those already familiar with his work.