Built on Movement

Modernise a market leader in civil engineering movement solutions while honouring the integrity and trust built into the brand over four decades

Clean sophisticated brand to take Granor through the next 40 years.

Granor's brief to TAKT was to build on a successful heritage while bringing the brand forward fourty decades to help secure future success.

Founded in the 1970s, Granor designs and manufactures movement joints for large infrastructure projects such as the Western Ring Road and Adelaide Convention Centre.

They've held a market leadership position since the 1980s and have led projects across Australia and South East Asia.

A crucial element in our response to brief was to redevelop the Granor brandmark to encapsulate the concept of movement - their core product offering. We did this through a visual representation of their products in a innovative symbol.

We also introduced a sophisticated, paired back design and de-saturated photographic style to help convey the precision-driven qualities of the company.


A clean sophisticated brand that encapsulates Granors precision engineering

Our visual communication strategy was to create a clean highly polished brand to reflect the high precision products and large scale projects Granor are involved in.

We addressed several touch points such as brand collateral (internal and external), signage and also online.

Granor Pot Bearing Granor Pot Bearing Granor Pot Bearing Granor Pot Bearing Granor Pot Bearing

We created high quality images to communicate complex products

Granor's track record of excellence in engineering is finally reflected in their presentation to market

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Online Presence

A new website was designed and built offering value for the business and customer beyond marketing itself.

Through the establishment of a CMS driven site, we were able to move the entire Granor product catalogue from print to online, allowing clients quick access to content, specifications, detailed drawings and self-service tools.

Data Sheets

While not a glamorous, but still necessary component of the projects was the development of templates for the technical data. With a large number of 'off the shelf' products available we designed technical data sheets for Granor's Engineers to use and upload to the website allowing clients to quickly find important information.

Email Marketing

We also introduced an email marketing strategy and functionality to further enhance Granor's presence and credibility in the market.