Cardia Bioplastics


We were approached by global plastics manufacturer Cardia Bioplastics to develop a brand that would sit them apart from their competitors in the plastics industry. Cardia produces a range of products including raw materials and consumer end products for compostable and traditional plastics products.



Cardia Bioplastics


We were approached by Cardia to create an understated but powerful brand identity that could communicate their distinctive offering and competitive advantage. The design challenge lay in acknowledging their non-traditional approach, emphasising the value in their difference, and addressing the complexities of each aspect of the brand.

At the initial design stage the company was a small player in the industry but expected significant growth within 6 months, which was an important consideration in developing the brand. Another key objective was to communicate their environmental values without falling into green-wash clichés.

Consulting on brand strategy and product name development, we referenced both the eco aspect of Cardia’s compostable products as well as maintaining traditional corporate values. We developed a brandmark which is both bold and impactful while remaining fluid with organic references. We introduced a strong colour palette of green and teal to hint at their environmental credentials.

Together with the branding project TAKT also assisted in the naming of Cardia’s three product lines, Cardia Compostable, Cardia BioHybrid and Cardia BioProducts.

Cardia Bioplastics

The brand identity was developed throughout Cardia's stationery and collateral. We delivered clean and crisp layouts and referenced the brand colours through subtle gradients in dark green tones. As their documentation was required for global audiences we focussed on simple templates that could be localised in multiple languages. We also delivered various marketing collateral, investment brochures, trade material and consumer focussed educational material.


Cardia Bioplastics


The approach to the online presence of Cardia Bioplastics was to position them as an innovative global leader in compostable and hybrid products. We utilised the green tones of the brand to reference the environment and introduced a series of images from natural environments around the world to reinforce this message. To emphasise the company's global reach, we introduced a feature global map that quickly communicates the locations of regional offices and distributors.

Consumer Packaging

While known primarily as a wholesale supplier of raw materials, Cardia Bioplastics also supplies consumer products to selected retailers. We developed a range of packaging designs for Cardia Bioplastics to compete at a retail consumer level.

Image Library

We developed a photographic library to highlight Cardia's range of products. A crisp photographic style was established to highlight fine details and technological sophistication. We shot the product range in the Cardia laboratory to highlight on site testing, precision and expertise.