The Australasian College


Over a 12 month period we worked closely with the The Australasian Colleges Social Media Command Centre to produce a re-energised brand presence for The College. Focused primarily on introducing the channel of social media, our role with The College helped increase their online reach 200% per month during this time.


Online Strategy
Social Media Creative
Printed Collateral

Australasian college

Social Media Campaigns

0 – 50,000 likes in 12 months

We developed the creative for Facebook campaigns that helped The College gain over 50,000 new followers.

Australasian college

Build Brand Reach

With the focus of social media activities being to build a strong online presence and ultimately increase enrolment, we developed creative around various events throughout the year to keep The College top of mind. The creative for the campaigns was always energetic, fun and honest.

Converting to revenue

With an almost immediate upturn in course enquires the new platform exceed ROI targets including revenue enrolment and retention numbers. With a measurable return on investment through enrolments.

A fresh look for a state of the art college.

To support the social media campaign we designed and developed a new look website. The site provided quick access to course information and a focus on the promotional activities within The College.

Australasian college
Australasian college


Along with the increase in online traffic, mobile traffic increased from 30 to 45%. We developed a mobile site specifically for young, on-the-go students who rely on their mobile devices as their primary point of internet access.

Print Campaigns

During our time working with The College we also produced print collateral used across The College, including course templates, documentation & advertising campaigns. We developed a visual identity in line with the online brand, employing bright spot colours and metallic stocks to catch the eye of prospective students and reinforce the fun, youthful feel of the brand.

Australasian college Ad
Australasian college
Australasian college


The Australasian College has undergone a massive online transformation, from a very minimal online presence to one of the largest online hair and beauty educational communities in Australia. This increase in traffic has greatly affected The College's enrolment numbers, which has in turn allowed them to further invest in the medium and build on the success of the initial launch phase in-house.