One app for
70 radio

ABC Radio Mobile App


Develop a single mobile app for 70 diverse radio stations that keeps passionate listeners close to their favourite station.


TAKT was commissioned with the design of the mobile app for ABC Radio. The projects primary focus was to develop a single platform that allowed all listeners to experience a direct and personal connection with their favourite station.

The design needed to address genre, audience and branding diversity as well as perform seamlessly on mobile. A second objective was to open up the world of ABC Radio to new listeners by encouraging exploration and station discovery.

ABC Radio Mobile App

Enhance the listening

The solution lay in creating a music player interface that gave each station a prominent graphic presence while also promoting the current presenter.

Our approach provided a device and user experience listeners were already familiar with. It also delivered strong station and program specific visual cues to enable a fast connection with a favourite station as well as inviting exploration of new stations.

ABC Radio Mobile App


Designed for both apple and android devices, the app was well received by listeners. With a dramatic increase in listeners accessing the abc through their mobile devices.